Machine Learning Engineer

Scientific Computing
Washington, D.C., USA

Machine Learning Engineer


There is a huge gap in the world of tools out there that can bring Data Science to the masses, and until Predictive Modeling and Machine Learning are made more accessible and the tools themselves become smarter, new discoveries and progress across many different fields that can benefit from Machine Learning will fall short of what can potentially be achieved. These are the shortcomings that Sentrana is dedicated to addressing.
The candidates we seek are individuals that will help us imagine and build parts of the next generation of Machine Learning and Data Science technology to empower non-Data Scientists to create predictive models on their own. Successful candidates will work in our Washington, D.C. office

You will be expected to:

  1. Imagine and propose alternative approaches to solve a particular Data Science problem
  2. Determine the evaluation criteria by which to measure the merit of different approaches
  3. Quickly design, prototype and test the selected approach
    • Learn Machine Learning algorithms and the techniques of Data Science
    • Learn programming skills in the languages-of-choice for Machine Learning: Scala, Python, R
    • Learn the technology ecosystem-of-choice for Machine Learning: Amazon AWS, Hadoop, Spark, etc.
  4. Refine the prototype so that it is ready for real-world deployment to be used by others

You will require:

  1. Strong analytical and communication skills
  2. Motivation to work independently as well as with teams
  3. A passion for Data Science and Machine Learning, and excitement to work in a culture of invention and innovation
  4. Quantitative thinking skills with an unrelenting drive to understand the facts surrounding a problem
  5. Strong interest in working with the latest technologies in the Data Science and Machine Learning ecosystem