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Sentrana Unveils New Cross-Sell Predictive Solutions

Washington, DC – May 15, 2008

Sentrana Inc., a Washington DC-based leader in solutions for excellence in scientific micromarket management, has developed a new generation of cross-sell predictive solutions aimed at helping enterprises identify and act on likely associations between products that can increase the profitability of any given transaction. Cross-selling is the art of figuring out what types of products go together in specific transaction circumstances – if a customer is buying a particular product what else might he or she be inclined to purchase in the same transaction? Sometimes this is intuitive: it doesn’t require too much deep thought to surmise that purchasers of hot dogs may also want to purchase hot dog buns, or ketchup. But other associations are less intuitive and rely on rigorous quantitative methods to tease likely associations out of a vast sea of transaction data. That is where Sentrana’s new cross-sell predictive solutions come into play.

“When you build an understanding of the market and the drivers that will optimize your prices, you also want to understand how the market will choose different sets of products that go together when prices change” observes Sid Mansur, Sentrana CEO. “When you achieve that understanding you want to squeeze the model to yield the key insights enabling you to increase the odds that a cross-sell recommendation will result in an increase to the total transaction value. This is the new paradigm of customer penetration, grounded in the science of micromarketing.”

Quantitatively rigorous cross-sell solutions open up hidden association possibilities among all of the enterprise’s individual SKUs. In today’s competitive economy companies have potentially hundreds of thousands of SKUs – far more than could possibly be modeled by the human brain alone. Sentrana’s solutions, aided by state-of-the-art computative technology, help enterprises to uncover the hidden associations that can lead to a higher profitability for each of the millions of customer-facing transaction possibilities they face each day.


Sentrana Inc., based in Washington, DC, is a pioneer in providing scientific micromarketing solutions to industry leaders in highly competitive markets. We provide end-to-end revenue optimization solutions by combining advanced quantitative methodologies with qualitative managerial inputs into our patented MarketMover™ platform. Our technology facilitates optimization of the marketing decisions at the individual transaction level that drive financial performance, allowing organizations to actively shape their demand environments. Our solutions enable our clients to make better pricing decisions, increase profitability, and unify disparate business units under a single revenue strategy.