Our cloud-based core platform is a powerful computational utility. We’ve invested in the platform, so you don’t need to build one yourself.

Data Blender
Our data blending process enables multiple sources of data (both internal and external data) to be sourced and blended to create a rich semantic data model to support our cloud-based predictive analytics.
Knowledge Engineer
Historical data can only go so far in an environment where customer tastes, budgets and spending needs are in constant flux. We enable our clients to connect their experience and intuition with historical data models.
Data Navigator
Sentrana’s Data Navigator allows you to ‘see’ the data – in business terms that are human understandable. Go deep technically with the data or keep it at the business level. We give you the flexibility to choose.
Action Engine
Your data. Our math. The Action Engine effortlessly performs powerful scientific and computational tasks in background. The net result? Precise actions to address the ‘right problem’ – in terms you can understand.
Insight Navigator
The Insight Navigator provides visualization capabilities for the insight generated by the Action Engine.
Action Navigator
The Action Navigator provides visualization capabilities for actions generated by the Action Engine.
Point-of-Action (POA) Services
Sentrana's Point-of-Action (POA) Services allow you to integrate the Sales & Marketing Cloud actions into your business workflow applications such as and SAP.