Giving back

Since 2010, Sentrana has supported an initiative to establish and fund rural Computer Literacy Centers (CLC) in Bangladesh.


  • Access to free-flowing information is one of the most important prerequisites to prosperity...
    • Yet people in rural areas are information starved
  • Information creates hope...
    • But information by itself does not educate (it doesn’t imbue advanced literacy)
    • Instead, it catalyzes aspirations


  • Create hope, aspiration, and motivation for rural families to educate their children through computer literacy
  • Catalyze families' willingness to divert 10-20% of their daughters’ and sons’ time from farm-work towards education
  • Give families hope that near-term sacrifice for education will lead to a brighter future.
    • Inspire families by giving them a “periscope” into life beyond the rural village

CLC accomplishments to date:

  • 210 CLCs and 92 Associate Centers across 56 districts
  • More than 2,000 students graduate each month, totaling over 70,000 students cumulatively
  • 750 teachers have been trained in funded centers
  • Nearly 50-50 split between female and male students