Sysco: Solving the “37 Minute Challenge”

November 1, 2011


Authors -
Syeed Mansur

Houston-based Sysco Foods is the market leader in the $200 billion US foodservice industry that supplies the food away from home (FAFH) sector of the market. To sustain this leadership position requires the ability to satisfy a diverse and numerous customer base with the products and fulfillment they desire, at the most optimal terms achievable for Sysco. In order to make the most of every transaction opportunity, Sysco’s sales and marketing professionals need to understand the nuanced factors that will result in the highest probability of success. The problem is that these decision makers do not have enough time in their very demanding workweeks to analyze, interpret and act on the insights hidden deep in the massive volume of data they have available – in fact they only have an estimated 37 minutes every week for this purpose. To solve this “37 minute challenge”, Sysco turned to Sentrana for a comprehensive scientific marketing approach.

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