Sentrana’s Precision Sales includes:
Precision New-Sell
The “wow-you’ve-done-your-homework” exper- ience. You’ve got Big Science on your side. Know the exact products & offers the first time. Make your customer’s day. Nail it. Every time. Make your numbers. Sell more, in less time.
Precision Cross-Sell
You prepared for hours. Another sales call. Another one right after. Thousands of products. Feeling lucky? No need for luck, you have Sentrana’s Precision Sales & Marketing Cloud.
Precision Save-Sell
It’s a dog-eat-dog market. We’ve all been there. Save the account. Before they’re in the departure lounge. Precisely the right offer. Save-sell, to sell another day.
Precision Sales Planning
Perfect planning prevents poor execution, right? Sure, just don't make me work all weekend - so I can sell all week. Give me insights and tools to plan and execute with precision. So I can work to live, not live to work.